Life , Stay And Work

To Elevate The Lifestyle (Life , Stay and Work) / Wellness of The ϒ Generation  (millennials) in Saudi Arabia by Providing Them With Innovative Services & Facilities That Empower and Globalize Society in The Communities and to Prevent to Prevent Population Crawl From Secondary Cities to The Main Cities 


NCC Scope of Work

Real Estate Development

  • Buy land and lease it
  • Finance Real Estate Deals
  • Build Projects
  • Create, Imagine, Control and orchestrate the process of development from the beginning to the end

Project Management

  • Value Engineering for the projects
  • Planning of the projects
  • Project Control for the projects (Time, Cost and Quality)
  • Achieving all the projects’ goals with the given constraint

Design of the projects

  • creating concept design
  • creating schematic design
  • creating detailed drawings and design

Interior Design

  • Create Interior Spaces functional, safe and beautiful
  • Provide the customer with 3D photos
  • Give a full list of the required materials and specs

Our Business is to improve lifestyle through projects in real estate development, healthcare, education facilities management and all forms of hospitality and leisure.